"You know why I like you Timothy? U de act according to instructions. I like this compound oh, see naked girls everywhere like garden of Eden".

Timothy laughed and gave the keys to Jake as he entered his new apartment.

He couldn't contain his joy when he saw the amount of girls that came to greet him.

His house had been fully furnished to taste. He had everything. A good TV, fridge, a big generator, Air-condition etc.

The girls were about 12 in numbers , with their laps as succulent as the Pizzas in Dominos.

Jake ushered them into his house and he brought out two bottles of red label from his winery.

He Licked his lips as he set the wine on the table.

The girls surrounded the tables with so much happiness as they braced themselves for a day of fun.

Jake asked Timothy to go get some food for them and the girls screamed in jubilation. This was indeed a wonderful addition to the compound.

The guys in the compound also trooped in one by one as Jake brought out more bottles.

Immediately, there was a mini party as he put on his woofer and serenaded them with beautiful tunes.

Hands located asses as lap dance became the official dance steps of the day.

Everyone was screaming and touching each other. Even Timothy had a feel of the succulent bodies that embraced his eyes. He couldn't believe it himself. He's never had the chance to talk to the Mama put seller he's been crushing on.

Timothy felt like Alice in the wonderland as the girls went all wild on him.

Indeed, alcohol Issa bastard, it changed the whole atmosphere and brought out the beast in everyone.

Jake ordered for more drinks and meat and the girls stayed put.

They liked him already, to them, he's the savior that has come to rescue them from the hunger in the land.

They lived with some very corrosive guys who cared less about their well being.

Jake was the only unmarried tenant to occupy a room and a parlor, the rest of them squuezed in the supposed self contain that looks like a modern day shrine.

The tempo of the party gradually reduced as they started to leave the room one by one.

They thanked Jake for being a wonderful host and that they were going to see him in the morning.

Two girls refused to go though. One followed Jake into the room while Timothy aligned with one in the parlor.

Sounds were already coming from Jake's room while Timothy was here, asking the girl about her Pastor's name and what he preached on Sunday.

Timothy said he wanted to know her better, he even asked her favorite nursery school rhyme.

The girl was so disappointed that she stood up and went into the room to join Jake and the other girl who were so happy to have her.

Timothy was dumbfounded, he didn't know what to do. No wonder the Mama Put girl never gave him a chance. He was just foolish.

Minutes later, Jake came out of the room with the two girls, smiling and satisfied.

As they were about leaving. Some dare devil guys stormed the room, wielding guns and machetes.

After robbing Jake of his valuables. They licked their lips as they looked at the guys.

"You" Pointing to Timothy.

"Remove your trouser. Boss, I want this one, his ass looks succulent".

As the guy unveiled his own trouser, Timothy fainted when his saw the Rod that was coming to part the red sea.

To be continued!!

Patrick Dominic