Story Story: The counsellor

"I don't love my husband, I swear, I have only ever loved one man in my entire life and that was 8 years ago before we went our separate ways. This man gives me grief. He cheats and sleeps with anything that looks like a human being. I might probably stab him in his sleep"
"So why did you marry him? Why did you not marry the man you loved?"
"If only he was alive. If only he was alive"
Cynthia said amidst tears as the counsellor tried to pacify her.
"Never in my life have I or will I ever love someone the way I loved him. He was my best friend and soulmate. He could tell when I was angry by merely hearing my voice. He never allowed a day pass without hearing from me and neither did our fights cross over to the next day. I literally worshipped him because he made me so happy. I could go to bed knowing that my heart was save with him. Dude literally treated me like a princess and showed me off to everyone. My friends envied our relationship. He stood up for me everywhere and never made me feel insecure. With him, there was no need for passwords on our phones".
She broke down in tears again as the counsellor tried to control herself. She couldn't believe she was being moved to tears by Cynthia's pain.
"After his demise, I swore I was never going to have any ENTANGLEMENT with any other man. Felix was my life, he was God's sent to me and yet God still took him away from me. Why did he allow me experience so much love and then take it away? Isn't that callous? I am loosing my freaking mind, I am running mad"
"You need to take it easy, you will develop a migraine if you continue like this"
Cynthia laughed hysterically
"Migraine? I am freaking depressed. My husband approached me like he was going to give me the whole world. He made promises here and there and my family were so overwhelmed by his lies and I guess I fell for it too. After four kids, this man had the nerves to tell me that he's never been in love with me and he only just married me to have kids. Can you imagine the bastard? Well, I know what to do though " She smiled cheekily.
" Why do I feel like you have something up your sleeves? "
" No oh, you can see I'm wearing sleeveless. I won't leave him, nah I won't. He is my husband and I have kids for him. Except he wakes up one day and say he's done. I just want to enjoy my life and have fun too. I am tired of being the good wife who just lives miserably and keeps a smiling face just so her children can be happy. Look at me, I am freaking hot, I am extremely sexy but I have had to ward off male admirers just because I want to be a responsible married woman"
"Wait, you wanna cheat?"
"When you put it like that, you make it sound bad. I just want to have fun. I am going to the Bahamas for the weekend with this very handsome Prince who has been on my case for five years, I'm sure it will be fun" She stands up.
"Wait, why don't you just leave? You know you don't have to do this?"
"I know what I have to do and that's why I'm doing it. He refused to grant me a divorce when I asked for it, I am going to give him enough reasons to. He's going to get mad when he sees me laughing on the phone like a 16 year old girl who's talking to her crush for the first time. I am just 34, I won't let one local man make me look 56" She wore her glasses and walked out of the office.
The counsellor fell back on her chair as she watched her walk away.
"Your wife just left my office. You can come over, I'm freaking horny "
The counsellor said as she dropped the phone

Patrick Dominic