The Slap was so powerful that one of the customer's food fell from his hands. Even Timothy's upper jaw shifted to the back of his head.

Nepa gave light and took it almost immediately, so was the effect of the slap that Mama Ada served someone Eba and Okpa.

Ada was so furious, she was boiling with rage and threw the soup she's holding on Jake.

Enraged by this, Jake landed a huge blow on Ada that left her dazed and reeling in pains.

When Timothy saw this, he couldn't stomach it.

He knew he had so much to lose if he engaged Jake in a fist fight but he wasn't going to just overlook a scene such as this.

He stood up from the ground and gave Jake a powerful kick to the balls and his eyes almost popped out.

Jake reeled in pain and cried as he rolled on the floor.

Trust Nigerians, no one came to his rescue, they all brought out their phones and started running commentary on the event.

Jake was still screaming and begging for help but nothing changed until Timothy walked up to him and lifted him up.

"I'm sorry man, I didn't mean to"

"I sure hope you have somewhere else to sleep this night because you are going to pack the miserable things, infact, pack what? Everything you own, I bought them for you, so don't you dare return to the house. Imbecile!!"

Timothy kneels down and begs him but he called him bluff as he walked out on them.

Sounds of"ehya and what a pity" filled the air as everyone tried to show empathy towards Timothy, whose eyes were really sore.

He knew it was all over for him as the only place he called home has been taken away from him.

He just had just his shorts and the polo he wore with his bathroom slippers.

Mama Ada was already crying and moved forward to lift him up. She hugged him and asked him not to allow the matter on ground get to him.

He moved towards Ada to be sure she was fine. The blow had earned her a cut on her lip, but all she cared about was Timothy.

"Timo, where u go come go na?"

"NA my friend, no worry, I go beg am"

After staying with them for a while, Timothy retired home.

As usual, there was loud music coming from the house.

He opened the door slowly and immediately knelt down to beg Jake who was surrounded by didffent girls, all smoking weed and drinking champagne.

"Jake, I beg of you, please don't throw me out, I no get where to go, abeg"

The girls burst into laughter as they continued with their drinks.

"So I sent you on an errand to get food for my guys and my babes, you went there and started talking to that smelling girl that had the audacity to pour soup on me? Are you mad?"

"I'm so sorry bro, remember we have come a long way, no treat me like this".

One of the girls whispered something to Jake's ears and he smiled.

"No problem, I forgive u, you can stay. But on one condition"

"Anything I go do" An excited Timothy said.

"This my babe and her friends will bring their clothes here for the next one month and you will wash and iron it. You will take it to their house for delivery. You will henceforth do the cooking, the cleaning, everything in this house. No be me say make your parents die. You gree? "

Slowly and with tears in his eyes, Timothy answered" I gree"

to be continued

Patrick Dominic