Timothy was automatically reduced to the chief servant in the house as he did almost everything that looked like a chore.

Jake's friends sent him on so many errands that atimes, he found it difficult to even sleep.

If he wasn't washing Jake's car, he was either mopping, washing his cloths, cooking for him and his friends or washing other people's clothes.

He was occasionally laughed at when he came out to dry the clothes. They looked at him as a stupid beggar who was living off his friend, some of them even said Jake did him a favor to house him.

"If na me, I for don throw am comot for house. But de boy Sabi work sha. E no de rest" one of the neighbors said.

"I know say Jake try to house am, but dis boy no deserve all these stuff I swear, big boy like this. I'm sure he's even older than Jake. God punish poverty" They laughed as they stepped out.

Tired, drained and weak, he managed to go to see Ada to atleast get something to eat.

Ada sighted him from a distance and ran towards him, she gave him a hug that almost threw him off balance but he managed to maintain his stamina.

"Ahhhhh Ada, you wan push me keep for ground?"

"I don miss u na and I no Wan come your house because of that your mumu friend wey carry face like adopted pigeon"

Timothy managed to smile and he wiped his shirt.

"Timo, you don chop?".

"No worry, I de alright" He said in a small voice.

"You de alright na it your voice sound like expired speaker so? I know say u never chop, u just de dangle like that tin wey dem de pump air put, u know na, dat tin wey de do 'yololololo'. She swerved her hands and body back and forth as she tried to explain to Him was she's talking about.

"Ada I know de tin, I know am. But u de right, I de hungry".

Ada laughed and held his hands and they walked towards their shop.

"We get rice and beans, oha soup, banga and vegetable. make I mix all give you?"

"You no well oh, I tell you say I wan do abortion? Just give me like three wraps of fufu for a start and oha soup, you fit mix small vegetable with am"

"Choi, Timo, you and this your mixing eh. The other day you use bread chop rice. Last month na de worse. You use okra chop beans. Timo you de make me think say e get evil spirit wey de your body"

They laughed as Ada proceeded to bring the food.

Mama Ada waved him from a distance as she was very busy with the money in her hands. She rarely said hi whenever there's money in her hands.

Ada set the food in front of Timo with a chilled bottle of Dubic malt, the type that had sweat dripping from Timo's face. She made the wraps of fufu five though.

"Ada, na three I ask for na"

"Oboy calm down, I know u, if I put six u go finish am".

Ada sat down and watched as Timothy ate the food in a hurry.

She was smiling at first and then she started to cry.

She didn't like the fact that he was going through such a terrible spell.

Timothy lifted his face and she tried to hide her tears but it was too late.

"Ada wetin na, why u de cry?"

She stood up and went to her mother who hugged her and tried to comfort her even without knowing what happened.

She gave Timothy some food to take home. His stomach was filled and so he had a smile on his face as he strolled home with his take away package.

He held on to it very tight as that was going to be his night and morning food. Jake never dropped any money for food.

When he arrived home, he met the door open and a gun was on the floor.

He was so shocked and was about to run out of the house when a bullet hit his knee.

To be continued

Patrick Dominic