"So what did she say is her problem" Cole asked as he drew up his zipper"
"Nothing much. She said something about being tired of the marriage and all and that she won't hesitate to cheat. In fact, she insisted that she was going to do it despite all my pleas for her not to"

"Is she mad?" Cole screamed as his eyes almost popped out if his socket.
"Hey, slow down, why are you vibrating? "
"That bitch wants to cheat on me? Is she mad? After all the things I have done for her? How would a married woman decide to cheat on a man she is still married to? Isn't that preposterous? What's the difference between her and a whore?"
The counsellor landed him a slap that almost uprooted his left ear.
"What the hell did you just say? Are you calling me a whore? So because I am married and sleeping with you, does that make me a whore?you cheat on your wife on a daily basis, scream at her like some kinda psychopath and yet you have the nerve to stand here and act like you are a good man? Are you not just useless like this"
The effect of the slap was still ringing in his head and he rubbed it.
"I'm sorry darling, I didn't mean it that way, the words just came out from my mouth, please forgive me" Cole apologized.
"So when are you going to chase her out of the house? She said you have refused to give her a divorce , what are you keeping her for? Why not set her free? "
Cole paced back and forth as he thought of a suitable answer.
"I don't want to. She knows how to do chores at home and take care of the children , she cleans the house very well and the kids are used to her. That's the only reason she's still in my house"
"So in essence, she's a modern day slave that you are harbouring?"
"Well, when you put it that way, you make it sound like I'm heartless" Cole said.
The counsellor sighed as she poured herself a cold glass of water from her small freezer.
She shook her head and placed her hands on her hips as she admired her body.
"So is this why you keep coming back? " she said, pointing to her curvaceous hips.
Cole move towards her like a child who's been lured by a senile pedophile with candy.
"Yes baby, you have everything she doesn't have, I really can't get enough of you. After that idiot gave birth, she just became something else and sex with her is extremely boring. She just lays on the bed like some log of wood, doesn't change styles and I have to do all the hardwork"
"Oh shut up, you men always have a reason for doing what you do. Your wife is still very hot though and I'm sure that young prince she's going to see will be happy to have her"
The words pierced his heart as he struggled to come to terms with it.
He moved closer to her and placed his lips on her and they started moaning and groaning like two adorable pigs.
"I forgot my pur...." Her breath seized as Cynthia bumped into them, caressing each other

Patrick Dominic