STORY STORY..... THE COUNSELLOR 3: Cynthia looked at them with disgust in her eyes as she carried her purse and

 Cynthia looked at them with disgust in her eyes as she carried her purse and tucked it carefully under her armpit.

She managed to force a smile as she tried to stay calm.

Cole was still hard down there as he stared into blank spaces, trying to count the galaxy of stars in his head.

The counsellor carefully returned her boobs to its original compartment as she chewed her lips like an abandoned he goat.

"You guys don't need to stop on my account na. See as my husband is rushing breast like indomie that they cooked with mammy water recipe. Such a wonderful husband. You should have told me that my own was small na, I would have done breast implants so you can bury your head there. I am not surprised though, not one bit"

"So what, you have seen everything, am I the first man to cheat on his wife? It's not like you don't know I sleep around so what's the big deal? Suck it up and live with it" Cole said in defence.

The counsellor remained quiet as she watched events unfold.

She knew she was in a tight spot and made no effort to add her voice to the matter on ground.

"Who's going to marry someone like you if you divorced me? I mean, everyone cheats, every man cheats and they still live well with their families so what's the big deal? And mind you, the counsellor has told me everything and how you intend to go on an escapade with one Prince like that. I mean, you can do better na. You want to cheat on me with a small boy, simply because he has money? I am so disappointed in you Cynthia. What moral values are you teaching our children? What kind of a mother are you?"

Cynthia could not believe her ears as she stood there and listened to the gibberish that Cole emiited from his excuse of a mouth.

She took in a deep breath, shook her head and was about to leave but she stopped,turned around and looked at them again.

"You see, I didn't come here by mistake though. I could smell him all over you when I entered this place. You were the shrink he always called on phone and lied that you helped him when he was depressed. Maybe because you are way older than him and that's why he obeys you and respects you. So you even knew about me even when I came here and I knew all about you too. You think I was mad when I opened up everything to you? Truth is, you have forgotten you have kids and all. I didn't forget my purse, I have everything that happened here on camera and it's all recorded. I knew he was coming here when I saw the text he sent to you today. You didn't ask me who Prince was?"

Cynthia brought out her phone and showed them

It was the counsellor's son