As Timothy turned his back on Ada, the mama put girl, he wiped the tears from his eyes.

He didn't believe that such a little incident was going to bring back memories he's tried to bury.

He knew he owed Ada an apology, he's been trying to shoot his shot for months and when she finally agreed, he just shoved her to a corner.

When he brought the food home, there was already another set of drunk people in the house.

Since the landlord wasn't part of the residents there, there were hardly any restrictions.

They grabbed the food from his hands and started to feast on it as they laughed.

Even when he tried to struggle, they shoved him away.

Timothy was more or less like a friend to Jake, but Jake actually treated him like his house boy since he was more financially stabled and owing to the fact that Timothy had no one.

Timothy's clothes were the ones he inherited from Jake. He rarely complained about anything for fear of being denied certain things.

Jake never made any conscious efforts to help him and Timothy was comfortable with just being an errand boy who has a roof over his head.

Jake gave him money again to go back and buy food for his friends as the one he bought won't be enough.

He thought about facing Ada again after the humiliation he gave to her.

He walked sluggishly to the place again. Ada was already active again and when her mother pointed to her that Timo was around, she hissed and continued with her business.

"You sef, wetin my pikin do u wey u shun am like dis. U dis Timo boy, make e no be say dem use Asaba river water baff 7 oh. Na u de come here everytime de disturb my pikin, when she come give u eye, u come de attack like who mosquito rape" Mama Ada said.

"Mama no be so oh, tins been full my head, Ada no vex abeg"

"Mama, I no know why u de waste your time with dis one oh, customers de wait"

"U sef calm down. Which customer? When dis boy shun u, u begin de cry like who get high blood pressure for eye side. U know say Timo no de like that. Give am ear, I go attend to the customers".

Mama Ada grabbed the plate from Ada as she pushed her to Timothy's side.

Both of them didn't say anything to themselves for a while.

"Timo, dem swear for you? U wan totori me run? Wetin de work u?"

"Ada, I de craze? As u set like dis? No vex, something bin de disturb me".

Ada smiled and hugged him.

"Timothy, is this the food I asked you to buy? You just come here de follow woman talk.

Before Timothy could open his mouth, Jake landed him a heavy slap that threw him to the floor.

To be continued

Patrick Dominic II